Daily & Weekly Specials

Monday: BBQ Combo Special:

Our wood-smoked Pork BBQ, slathered in Joe's homemade Sweet & Smoky Sauce, served with World Famous Dairyland Slaw, Joe's BBQ Beans, French Fries, and a soft-drink.

Tuesday: Chicken Tender Dinner:

Tender filets of chicken breast meat, fried crisp, served with French fries, World Famous Dairyland Slaw, and homemade Hush Puppies!

Thursday: Hamburger Steak Dinner:

A generous half-pound of our beef ground daily here in our kitchen, served with a selection of vegetables.

Friday: Alaskan Whitefish or Flounder:

Your choice or our delectable hand-breaded fish dinners, served with all the homemade sides we are famous for, Tartar Sauce, Cole Slaw, Hushpuppies, and French Fries. Just at a special price of $7.99 today!

Saturday: BBQ Platter:

Your choice of a half-pound of our sliced Pork BBQ or Smoked Chicken. Served with homemade Cole Slaw and Hushpuppies, and a large helping of French Fries.

Sunday: Granny's Sunday Dinner:

Your choice of meats, from Hamburger Steak, Chicken, BBQ, or Country Ham, served with a range of vegetables to choose from. Choose like eating at Granny's, except you don't have to wash the dishes!